We’re reopening!!

CLASS SIGN UPS: Thursday September 23rd, 3:30-5pm AS220 Youth: 115 Empire St. 2nd floor Providence, RI This event is open to all who are interested in becoming a member of AS220 Youth! Also welcome back to all current and past members – come join us for pizza as we reopen our doors. We will be…

It’s finally here!! The Futureworlds visual album premieres Oct. 7-8

We’re thrilled to announce the premiere of Futureworlds visual album: Amerikkka Better Have My Money! Young people have worked for over a year, through a whole pandemic to bring you a stunning, immersive art experience. Read on for details. Taking place in a 22nd-century history class, “Amerikkka Better Have My Money: The Visual Album” sheds…

Summer Guests

Being back in person, it’s been exciting to bring guest artists and educators to the Main Stage to share their stories and lessons with the youth. Here are a few of our summer guests:

Apparel Crew designs for “Black Joy”

Youth in the Apparel crew are working on outfit designs for a transitional shot “Black Joy” for Futureworlds. Each individual youth is participating by creating their own version of clothing that represents the story in the film.  Down below you’ll find some pictures of the youth working in the making. – Trent Lee, Apparel Instructor

First Day of Summer Jobs!!

The first day of summer jobs was July 12 and the dance crew already had a choreo ready for us – we weren’t even ready for all this talent they brought on day one!! Dancers are Bernie Harte, Ari Benoit, Sarya Nheb and Jordan Page. Video courtesy Steven Choumm, Dance Instructor.

Futureworlds Fashion Shoot

Youth-designed fashions are central to the Futureworlds production every year, which often includes a runway show. The fashion show centers womxn and femmes of color and features their custom up-cycled looks. Photos by Allam Mella. Models are Ronnie Strew, Dasani Baker, Asialiah Delgado. Designers are Jose Bryant, Paloma Lombardi-Ortiz, Ruby Lopez, Kego, Ronnie Strew. [All…