Music Blog: Clout

Consistency? Clout? Attention? Reputation? These phrases are some of the things the students have been speaking of as we begin the Fall session. We’ve been working on are theme for the year which is Addiction. We all asked questions about what causes addiction or what begins the processes of being of doing things to be “cool”. The Students and I have come to somewhat of an conclusion on the subject. The push of having a balanced Follower/Following ratio. Friend lists need to be over 3,000 to be considered as someone with “Clout” or respect. Why try so hard to impress people you do not even collaborate with on a daily basis? Why not establish an marketing and business plan to allow the art to be promoted and loved for the same effort of chasing attention. Point is to be yourself and move close with your circle to build something special.   

Christopher “ Chris Da Great/La Salsa” Senice  (Music Coordinator)


Social Kid

Scrolling constantly a laugh here or there anything to avoid going outside and getting constant stares posting a new photo just yo constantly refresh the feed to see whom liked it simply not satisfied she deletes it on impulse or changes the caption to try to seek more appeal now she is drenching in the idea of others thoughts

Maybe it wasn’t tumblr enough she thinks in frustration

She then starts to ignore her mother when she’s talking to her .her mother doesn’t know if its blain ignorance or if she’s starting to loose the daughter she once knew she starts to regret purchasing the phone for her daughter as she realizes shes starting to carry herself different the snappy attitude the more vague clothing she has lost her daughter as conversations no longer exist she has lost her daughter  a social media kid

Alexandria “Alex The Blue” Fortes