Fall 2018 Reflections

Photo by Allam Mella


“During the fall session, students have excelled at producing work that stimulates and provokes conversation. In preparation for future worlds, our music apprentices created scripts that developed stories affected by Addiction.

At the Rhode Island Training School students have been exploring the art of theatre through reading several modern pieces including Mountain Top by Katori Hall, Cloud Tectonics by Jose’ Rivera, Black Odessy by Marcus Gardley, Hypeman: A Breakbeat Play by Idris Goodwin. Some students took the inspiration and created their own scripts. Others began to hone their acting skills. In the spring I hope to continue building with the students at the training school to develop a short film.
Several students began to experiment with their poetic voice. Writing their own poems, inspired by works we read this session by poets such as Danez Smith, Franny Choi, Eve Ewing, Hanif Willis- Abdouhraqib. Some students prepared work to share at our monthly showcase. Others decided to maintain their works in private journals.” –Vatic Kuumba, Live Arts Coordinator
“This fall gave me a lot of challenges. Ones I I didn’t know i could fight on my own…and I have. AS220 gave me more knowledge then I asked for. This fall really increased my thinking such as confidence. I also learned is that you shouldn’t wait for nobody. Sometimes you gotta put matters into your own hands.” –Mylo
“This fall at AS220 Youth has been an experience for me. Throughout this the session i’ve been able to get out of my comfort zone a bit. I was able teach two of my own classes and direct a short film project, and i was also able to get more familiar with editing software that i for sure didn’t feel confident about. With all that done i was able to feel more confident with my art that I’m focusing on for my future profession. AS220 has done a lot for me this session and will most likely do way more for me in the future while I’m still able to go.” –Allam
“Fall session at AS220 was fun and has helped me further develop my skills in the digital arts. Working with the digital media crew is something I looked forward to during the fall session. My favorite project of the fall session was filming and an editing short film centered around the topic of addiction, the film was about a girl who is addicted to celebrities and social media. In the film, she is going through a sort of high then low when she gets fanatical over a shrine of celebrities on her wall. I also created a propaganda poster that was focused on the use of morphine in a positive way although it is a highly addictive opioid drug. Overall I enjoyed the Fall session, I improved my skills and had great experiences in the studio.” –Gabe

“Becoming a Dance TA at AS220 and working on Future Worlds has been such an emotional/challenging experience for me.  I’ve learned to work with many people from different backgrounds. I’ve got the opportunity to teach a beginner’s hip-hop dance class multiple times and transfer them to intermediate-level hip-hop.  I’ve gotten the chance to create/perform multiple pieces alongside the rest of the apprentice dance team and expand our artistic craft. And lastly, I got the blessing to enter AS220’s Open Mic event in November and took 1st place by performing 3 dance songs, the first song was a slow emotional-type song and the last two were crowd pleaser-type songs.  Overall, I’ve learned how to work with multiple people at once, create multiple dance pieces and perform them with my dance team, and built the confidence to go out to Open Mic night, compete, and take 1st place. Being a Dance TA has changed my artistic outlook on multiple ways and I look forward to growing much more as both, an artist, and as a person.” –Nino



“Through out the fall, being an apprentice with AS220 youth has taught me many new skills, connected me with new people and given me opportunities to showcase my work, as well. Iʼve had a great time learning to screen print, mono-type and better my skills with sewing and other aspects of design art. I canʼt wait for what creative endeavors next year and the making of future worlds will bring.” –Keely

“During this fall I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned a lot from sketching to working with monoprints. AS220 has been like a home for me this fall. I’ve improved a lot in my art skills and also learned many new things that I thought I would never get the chance to even attempt. But, I didn’t all teach myself all of those amazing skills, I received help from my favorite staffs, Nick and Kyle. Working with them this fall has been great. We got to know each other a lot more and also even got closer. I’m also very thankful for my crew for helping me in things I thought I wouldn’t ever concor. They’ve helped me a lot with screen printing which is my second best skill. My first would have to patch making. Making patches was the most fun of them all. I learned so many new skills as an apprentice at AS220. I even took ownership and boosted my confidentiality, something I thought wouldn’t ever change.” –Nuna