Guest Speakers

In the first week of winter session, Apprentices had two guest speakers, George and Marco, visit and give talks about personal experiences and the systemic roots of drug addiction. The takeaways of these talks will help Apprentices prepare for Futureworlds and build a stronger understanding of the causes and effects of addiction. Here are some youth reflections on the talks:


“It was cool to learn about one topic from two different points of view. It expanded my knowledge and gave me a better awareness how addiction can affect people, the real definition of what drug is, and how certain drugs are targeted to certain groups of people and communities.” –Di, Admin TA


“It was really interesting to hear about what we’ve been learning about put into real life. One highlight for me was when he glowed while talking about his niece and his new restaurant. This showed me that through all his hardships he still is alive and thriving. It really helped me put my problems into perspective.” –Paloma, Digital Media Apprentice


Art by Keely, Visuals TA