The Rundown on Summer Jobs

AS220 Youth Summer Jobs 2020:

Theme: Design Justice: the impact that design has on mental health.

Focus: Designing the future of AS220 Youth, both physically and programmatically, in the form of a multimedia installation / simulation at AS220 Industries or 95 Empire Street (Aborn Gallery, Black Box, Psychic Readings)

Please apply being aware that you will NOT be divided into dance/music/media/visuals. See positions descriptions below.


  • Designers -Studio & Space  (20 positions)
    • Youth with an interest in visual arts and design will learn about professional design fields and practices, and support the redesign of community program spaces at AS220. Youth will learn principles of Design Justice and consider how physical space impacts mental health. Youth workers will explore design fields with industry partners, learn to interpret architectural designs for new youth-designed program space, and be trained to build small projects using media and fabrication equipment at AS220 Industries.
  • Program/Curriculum Design (9 positions) **If you are interested in this position, apply at this link
    • Youth artists of all mediums with an interest in education and programming will be working collaboratively to develop, align and evolve our existing AS220 Youth arts and social justice curricula across the program and service sites to better serve our youth.
  • Teaching Artists    (10 positions) **only on
    • AS220 Youth Teaching assistants will work with adult staff to plan for and facilitate after-school summer classes.
  • Administrative Assistant    (1 position) **only on
    • Summer employee will be a direct support to our Membership Manager, Olivia Watson.
  • Events Production and Marketing   (10 positions)
    • Youth with interest in performance will learn how to create, produce, and market original works and performances. This will include planning and coordinating original performances and artworks, and showcasing design projects created during the summer in ways that are accessible to the community. Summer projects will center Design Justice and consider how creative design impacts mental health. Youth will be supervised and trained by staff who are also professional artists. Youth will learn and practice related skills such as collaboration, budgeting, booking, media and marketing, while exploring careers in creative sectors.

Because of funding for the summer, you may need to use a different app depending on where you live. If you live in Providence, apply HERE.

If you live anywhere in RI or you are interested in the Program Design position, apply HERE.

While we hope that the jobs will be able to be in person like other summers, we are aware that Coronavirus social distancing may continue into the summer. Please continue to apply knowing that we have a backup plan if we have to do the summer jobs program virtually.

Please reach out with any questions to: