AS220 Youth Playlist: Songs of the Week March 20, 2014

When I went around the studio to collect everyones favorite song of the week, I got variety of rock, rap, r&b and many more! But there was a twist on the playlist this week. In addition to asking everyone their favorite song of the week, I also asked people “Why?” I certainly got a lot of interesting reasons! People in the studio liked their songs simply because of the artist, their messages, the name of the song, or because they are just great songs!

Shannon Halliday

Anne: Cathers To Their Doom by Dread Sovereign “Because of the band, the singer in the band, the guitar riffs and its really heavy”

Pitchfork Stream

Matt: Enter The Void by Ab-soul ft Joey Bada$$ “I chose the song because it spreads a good message through rap”

Ryan: Maggot Brain by Funkadelic “This song reeks of emotion! Guitar solos don’t often resonate with me at such a powerful level. Apparantly George Clinton told guitarist Eddie Hazel to play as if he found out his mother passed away then learned that it wasn’t true. Potent stuff.”

John: Jealous by Fredo Santana ft Kendrick Lamar “Because of the name of the song”

Edward: IDGAF by HammerBeanz “That’s broski rapping”

Scott: Novelty by Joy Division “I like novelties”

Romeo: #100-Why by Lil Jay “I can relate to the hook”

Nou: Sexting by Blood On The Dance Floor “I just like it”

Martin: Glass Arrows by Circa Survive “It’s a great song and I love the band”

Indira: My Hearts Refusing Me by Loreen “It’s a very touching and true song, it speaks to the heart”

Julio: Never Surrender by DJ Khaled “Speaks the truth”

Dalien: Sweeney Todd Soundtrack by Johanna Requiem “Cuz its dope”

Cas: Real Life by Dieverse Mixtape “Cuz I support local artists”

Anjel: Are You That Somebody by Aaliyah “Because Im choreographing to it”

Jovy: Short Diary by CuCu The Pirate “Because hes spitting lyrics that all my boys relate too”

Anthony: Whats Happenin by Busta Rhymes “It’s a good song”

Anthony: Bang Bros by Lil Durk “Because it’s a good song”

Catherine: Selfie by The Chainsmokers “Now, this song is just funny, but so dance able. i absolutely love the beat! i can’t wait to dance to this song at the club (if i ever go to a club).  Now the only thing i’m iffy about is the lyrics.”

Ronya: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People “Because I like the lyrics”

Kanema: Euphoria by Loreen “I chose this song because it reminds me of my childhood. We would spend a lot of times in the woods, and the song is about the forest.”

Sam: Pablo Casals teaches master class on cello! toad-man can rock

Brian: The Four Horsemen by Metallica

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