AS220 Youth is a creative incubator space for young artist. We are  dedicated to helping young people create, perform/exhibit and promote their own work. We act as a breeding ground  for up and coming artists. Weekly classes are the foundation of our program and allow us to learn, grow and cultivate our craft as a team. Work created at AS220 Youth meant to empower, uplift, inspire, expose, put on, educate, embrace, and celebrate. Our music is dedicated to thinking outside of the commercial box that money, mass media and big time record executives try to confine us to. We are also dedicated to keeping it real and making music that is true to our lives , culture, society, planet and universe as a whole. 

Inspired by Hip Hop culture, AS220 Youth is youth-led, multidisciplinary and always evolving. We understand that meeting the needs of young people means “meeting them where they’re at”, engaging them in projects that are relevant to their lives and providing them with caring mentors who, over time, can expose them to new ideas, new ways of thinking and real world opportunities.


Our Mission: Dismantling the pipeline to prison by empowering beyond risk and incarcerated youth through arts, culture and collective action. Our mission is to raise a justice league of young leaders who use their experience, influence and creativity to build an alternative future for themselves and their communities.


The AS220 Youth program was established in 1998 and now serves 600 youth annually at four locations: the Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program (UCAP), an alternative middle school for those at-high-risk for dropout; the Rhode Island Training School (RITS), the state juvenile detention center; during quarterly Art Weeks at Nowell Leadership Academy, a charter high school focused on serving pregnant and parenting teens; and our studio in downtown Providence, open 5 days per week to all young people. AS220 Youth has worked hard to maintain long-term, supportive relationships with youth transitioning out of the RITS and DCYF care. We offer mentoring, transitional jobs, and financial support to the youth who need it the most.

To learn more or to take a tour of AS220 Youth, get in touch with our Membership Coordinator Olivia at olivia.watson@as220.org

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