Apparel Crew Reviews Todd Oldham Exhibit at the RISD Museum

Last Friday the AS220 Youth apparel team went to the RISD  museum to see a fashion exhibit by Todd Oldham. Todd Oldham is a fashion designer who is the president of L-7 Designs Inc. According to Wikipedia he takes a fun and lighthearted approach to fashion which has gotten him fame and recognition for his lines, books and interior designs. When you first walk into the exhibit you see a large projection of models wearing his clothes including Tyra Banks. Aesthetically this was one of my favorite parts of the exhibits because it was awesome to see the dresses that were showcased in motion. In the next there were about 30-40 mannequins dressed in Todd’s clothing. one of my favorite pieces was the dress made with fabric with flames printed on it. It featured stockings with the same print that led to stilettos with the same print as well. This was my favorite piece because of its simplicity and unity. As for what I did not like about the show a lot of the dresses were comprised of many different colors and shades and seemed slapped together. I appreciated the simplicity of the fire dress so much because it was one solid theme making it one solid outfit. It has inspired me to try to make a similar outfit of my own with my own print. Overall despite what I did and did not like about the exhibit it was inspiring enough to start my thinking process and do some designing of my own.

– $in VII, AS220 Youth, Apparel Team

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