Hey Apprentices!! This is your dashboard for all you need to know about your session online with AS220 Youth


WORK “CLASSROOMS sign into your gmail account and you’ll see your classrooms.


You will be paid bi-weekly. That means you will fill out a timesheet the week before you get paid. Your supervisor will send you your timesheet.


If you need help getting internet or a device to work on over the summer, iPad or Classroom issues, reach out to your supervisor. If you have an iPad checked out, it should be used for work only and kept at home per the iPad agreement. You can’t download new apps on it. Do not put a lock code on it.


Permission slips are required for anyone under 18. Sign up in advance by emailing the activity leader. Questions can be directed to Meesh and Jason.


Have a question? Check the list to see who you need to contact. If you are going to be late or absent, let your supervisor know. Any assignment questions should also go to your supervisor.

  • AM. – Visuals and Media Arts Manager –
  • Janay – Director –
    • paychecks
    • tech management
  • Jason – RITS Site Manager –
    • outdoor activities
  • Meesh – NA Site Manager –
    • outdoor activities
  • Olivia – Associate Director –
    • hiring paperwork
    • personal support (resumes, IDs, other resources and assistance referrals)
  • Saulo – Performing Arts Manager –