Artist Spotlight: Alex McGovern


AS220 Youth is partnering with the AS220 Food restaurant to create a discount card for all AS220 Youth students. The creation of this card encourages AS220 Youth members to make healthier food choices. Students will now have the option to eat delicious vegan food at the AS220 Food restaurant with a discounted price.  Alex McGovern is currently enrolled in the AS220 youth program and has been selected to design the AS220 Youth discount card.

Alex has stated  she draws and creates sketches as a form of self expression. She releases emotions while creating her art, and her process begins by her drawing what comes to mind.  In addition, Alex states drawing is a form of self meditation where she feels at peace with herself. Alex also says that she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone and she’s not worried about other peoples judgement or self criticism of her art. She is excited, because this is actually the first time she has published anything. She is planning on continuing to express her artistic vision in the near future . As a matter of fact she’s going to be working on a mural with Umberto Crenca. She states she feels honored to be working with a well known and respected artist.
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