AS220 Artist Profile: Jamale Fisher

Jamale Fisher is a 19-year-old aspiring Hip-Hop mogul who is currently attending CCRI in Providence, Rhode Island. Jamale has been a member of AS220 since 2009. Jamale attends AS220 because of, in his words, “the environment is a very chill place to be and staff are always in a good mood.” The freedom of making music and art at AS220 gives him hope and keeps him moving further toward his goal. Jamale feels like he’s the type of artist that can adapt in any type of music genre and still be passionate about it. He is also apart of Zukrewe at AS220 and helps record other artist as a studio intern. Jamale is looking forward to releasing two new mix tapes one solo entitled “First Aid Vol. 1” and the other one is called “Hoodie Season”, a duo album with up and coming rapper TheyKnow that will both be dropping in early 2013. The albums are about finding ways to get out of the hood, street knowledge, his personal trials and tribulations, the shift of culture and activity that occurs during the cold season. Some of his goals after releasing the albums are to put together a production team that handles every aspect of a major record label, and to gain recognition as an underground artist, but doesn’t want to stop there. He hopes to let people know his struggles, and how he has prevailed but also wants people to know how versatile and diverse his style is. He also feels like the world will connect with his album because every single day people go through the same exact things he raps about.

Article by: Anidou Sonogo

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