Each week, the Performance program offers classes at the Rhode Island Training School in songwriting, beatmaking, piano, and vocals. In these classes, young people identify their musical interests, then staff provide technical training so youth can articulate their own ideas and create original projects. Youth also collaborate on tracks, albums and/or mix-tapes.

Behind-the-scenes people often choose to study studio engineering. They learn the in’s and out’s of audio production and record their classmates. They’re instrumental in completing music projects inside the facilty. At the RITS and our main Providence studio, we use Reason, FL Studio and Pro tools software. This allows for seamless transitions to our community-based program after release.

Check out some of our music below and take a look at our Zu-krewe bandcamp page

AS220 Youth RI Training School Mix-Tape

No Booth No Problem

This is a mix of songs and stories made by our students at the Rhode Island training school. The youth on this project talked about what they’ve been seeing in their communities. The everyday struggle in their own lives and obstacles they had to overcome. There’s a lot to like about this project. Fresh beats, lots of swag and tight rhyme schemes and don’t forget youth expressing themselves on the M.i.c.


In the Night Time

Hated For Who I Am

Hood Storys

U Know How I Feel

Only U Can Tell


Verse 1

Three candles, and a shadow,

and a face that burns too bright

Is this too much to handle?

How could I make things right?

How could I do this to myself?

It’s a part of you

It’s a part of me

It’s no one else

1st Chorus

If, I’m, dishonest

If, I’m, dishonest

Take a look in the mirror, one time,

and be honest

And, I’m, ashamed

And, I’m, ashamed

Girl, it’s not, your, fault

I’m the only one to blame

Verse 2

One choice it was a low blow

It’s not too much stand up and fight

Is this too much to handle?

How could I leave you through the night?

How could you do this to yourself?

It’s a part of me

I know you see,

It’s a part of you,

I know it’s true

It’s no one else


How could you do this to yourself?

It’s a part of me

It’s a part of you,

That’s what it is

It’s a part of ourselves

2nd Chorus

You’re not the strongest

You’re not the strongest

Take a minute, for once

Tell the truth and be honest

You should be ashamed

You should be ashamed

Take a look in the mirror

One time, you’re the one to blame

I’m dreaming while I’m awake

Tired of waking up behind a gate

And don’t know the date

When they gonna close my case?

Whose innocent? All hands raise

You was tryna get yours on all those days

Was you thinking bout fam? Hell Na. No way

Recession like u gotta rob no job no pay

Please People WAKE UP!

I can see your face. NVM all Ya make up

running from da TRUTH & I ain’t gonna chase ya

I’m chasing my dream on this composition paper

No game over for this player

I’m getting mine NOW! Never Later

You could to. Just get ya mind right

Learned even Inda dark U can find light

Imma roll my dice to make a decision

Is it da streets, or da fam dat I’m missin?