AS220 Mural Crew: Live Mural Painting

The AS220 Youth Mural Crew was recently hired to paint a live mural for Lyft during their launch party in downtown Providence. I got the chance to go and interview them on site to find out their thoughts and feelings about this great opportunity.


What are your thoughts about the painting?

John: It’s a very good painting it’s kind of easy but very creative!

Is this your first live painting?

John: Actually, it’s Edward and Julio’s first time, but not for me. I do this all the time!

Are you nervous doing a live painting?

John: No

Edward: Not at all.

 How do you feel about the painting? 

Julio: Happy!

Are you excited to have an audience?

 John: It’s something different. It’s cool to have people look at you but it’s kind of similar since I have people doing the same thing when I do tattoos.

Would you rather just bang out the painting by yourself?

 John: maybe sometime but then again you don’t want be stuck on the same thing its good to switch it up and do something different and do new stuff its cool to have the opportunity to do this because something we usually don’t get to do

 How do you guys feel?

 Julio: feel like its good always good to have fans around

How long did it take to come up with the concept? 

John: I took one workday. We come up with ideas so fast!

Did you pre-sketch the painting or did you draw it out right now?

John: We sketch it at the studio because the projectors big so it can be ready to paint ready to go ready to be executed.

Thank you for the interview! Any last Comments?

John : Thank you! I appreciate this interview. It’s cool these individuals weren’t doing this until a few weeks ago. This a place we would never normally be in, it’s not a our cup of tea. It’s great that they’re here putting in there work and effort!


-Blog by Ronya Traynham

AS220 Mural Crew: Live Mural Painting

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