AS220 Youth: 2014 Fall Classes

Here’s a closer look at the classes you can sign up for this fall. If you have any questions, ask a staff member! They will gladly answer any questions that you have!


2014 visualsPainting Learn the basics of painting techniques in this class. We will make a variety of paintings including monochrome, grayscale, landscape, portraiture, and still life. For more experienced painters, this class will offer you feedback and constructive criticism.

Drawing In this class you will learn basic drawing skills. We will use charcoal, sepia, graphite, ink, and other materials. You will learn how to shade, crosshatch, draw from life and the imagination.

Screenprinting Learn how to make screenprinted posters and clothing. This class meets in the community printshop at AS220’s Mercantile Building. You will learn how to use the tools and materials needed to create beginning level screenprints.

Product Design is about creating products that can be sold in our online store. Together we will work as a team to think of apparel/products people would want to buy, design those products and find interesting ways to get people to visit our website.


2014 PhotoDigital Photo learn how to work a digital camera, assist on photoshoots and edit your photography in photoshop.

Photo Mem Learn your way around the Paul Krot Community Darkroom. From mixing chemicals to understanding enlargers, gain a hands on introduction to traditional black and white photo printing.


2014 performanceSongwriting Basics is for people who want to write lyrics that can be sung, rapped or a little of both. We focus on vocal technique, song structure and helping you write hooks that will keep your audience coming back for more!

Live Band Come join Live Band class at AS220 Youth! Learn to play drums, keys, guitar, and bass! Learn how to play as a unit! Learn to read music! Collaborate with AS220’s ZuKrewe!

Hip Hop Dance This class is all about learning and creating original Hip Hop choreography. We experiment with different styles, learn new moves and put together a group piece that gets performed at Digital Production Do you want to learn how to make beats? Interested in what it takes to record other people? Than Digital Production is for you! We use a mix of FL Studio, Reason and Protools software to get you ready for a career in digital music making.

Jam Session Dance is a drop ­in class for any dancers who want to come freestyle, work on personal Routines or just practice in general. This class is open to anyone, so feel free to bring your friends and jam out! It takes place every Monday in the performance space downstairs.

ZuKrewe is a music group performance Troupe. We produce, write and perform all original music.We’re a team that’s alway on the look out for new talent to join our team.If you wanna take your music to the next level and get better at making beat , songwriting or performing, Zu­Krewe is the group for you!


2014 CommunicationsVideo Put the “You” back in YouTube! In video class we will be making commercials, crazy sound effects, music videos, animations, film trailers, and more! Learn some skills, and make some awesome videos!

Graphic Design is about giving you the tools you need to create digital art. In this class you will learn how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

Laser Cutter Learn how to use the laser cutter to cut or etch wood, plastics, papers or textiles. This class will cover the basics of using the laser cutter safely, techniques for working with different materials, and software tools for preparing work for the cutter.

Fab Your Own Skateboard Work with Shawn in the Fab lab to design and create your own skate board!


2014 other stuffFashion Show Prep (Afrofuturism, Hidden truth and Sewing) This year we are working on our second Will To Adorn fashion show. This year the theme for the show will be Afrofuturism. Together, we will explore this theme, design clothing and produce a style edition of the Hidden Truth that will be released at the fashion show this winter. To make this happen, we need fashion designers, writers, visual artist, event coordinators, musicians and many other talented artist. In other words, WE NEED YOU!

Ladies 1st­ Every 1st Friday of the month us ladies will be working together to create artistic projects that inspire other women in our communities to talk about self perception, redefine beauty and most importantly love ourselves.

G’s To Gents­ Fellas, this one is for you. G’s To gents is a time for the guys at the studio to get together, talk about guy things and plan for the future! There’s always food, entertainment, good conversation and best of all, NO WOMEN! :)

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