AS220 Youth Playlist: Songs of the Week March 31, 2013

For our Song of the Week Playlist (last of March!), AS220 had a wide variety of rock, rap and r&b. We had some people supporting locals (Janay!) and others picking some older tracks (Darion!). When I asked “why?”, I received answers varying from what the songs meanings to genres to the artist. This week was certainly an eclectic variety of tracks and reasons why! Stay tuned for next week!

-Blog by Shannon Halliday

Dalien: Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley “It’s dope”

Edward: IDGAF by Hammer Beanz “It’s family”

Eric: Shot Caller by French Montana “It’s about girls”

John: Still Feel Me by Jadakiss “Because its called Still Feel Me”

Scott: The Philosophy of the World by The Shaggs “They are the best girls group out of New Hampshire ever”

Anthony: Foe by HV “Because it’s my boys song”


Cas: Croonin by Ya Beautifuls “It’s a garage band”

Plan B: This Love by Donnel Jones “Because it makes me feel nice”

Miguel: Dos Gardenias by Buena Vista Social Club “You can never go wrong with beautiful rythm”

Catherine: Dark Horse by Katy Perry “The beat is cool and makes me want to dance”

Ronya: Trap Love by Msx Jenixe “Because she makes the beats all by herself and I like that she is undiscovered”

Ryan: Lulaby by The Cure “This song inspires me to write & record weird pop music!”

Janay: Avalanche by Jetty “Showing support to my roommates”

Matt: Piano Man by Billy Joel “Because I heard it on Pandora this morning”

Kanema:Milkshake by Kelis “It brings all the boys to the yard”

Anjel:Lookin by Nicki Minaj “Because its aggressive and good to dance to”

Darion: Do For Love by Eric Bellinger “Because its hot”

Shannon:High School by Nicki Minaj “I like it for what it stands for”

Bryan: Not the American Average by Asking Alexandria “I love the lyrics”

Jeremias: With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear by Sleeping with Sirens “I like it!”

Brian: Raining Blood by Slayer “Because it’s about blood and slaying!”

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