Welcome to AS220 Youth’s page for all updates concerning COVID-19/Coronavirus! This is a page for resources, announcements and general info concerning the AS220 Youth membership and community. See Apprentice-specific info below.

5/1/20 – Youth Studio Closed Through Spring

4/23/20 – The Rundown on Summer Jobs

3/23/20 – Continued Closures

3/19/20 – Quarantine Resource Document

3/16/20 – Emergency Art Kit Event

3/12/20 – Program Closure

For Apprentices

Google Classroom Links

  • Downtown
  • Nowell Leadership Academy
    • Interdisciplinary Design – contact
    • Mural Makers – contact

Timesheet link

Weekly Community Meetings Mondays at 5pm

We will not be meeting the last week of May! Apprentices and staff will still be paid for regular time. Take the week off <3

The whole month of June is a break between school year jobs and the start of summer jobs in July.

Summer Jobs

Info about summer job applications can be found here.

All work for summer jobs will be taking place virtually per RIDE recommendations.