Critique Week: Ape and Bird Guest Artist Apparel Crit

As part of Critique Week at AS220 Youth, the apparel team had the dynamic duo from Ape and Bird come in and respond to our work. Ape and Bird is made up of two members: April and Rich. Together they make hats with crazy fabric patterns that are both entertaining and stylish. They came to give us feedback about our work. We hung up everybody’s stuff. I showed them my Black Panther jersey artwork, which they liked. They facilitated a positive discussion; with their feedback we were able to come up with some changes and new ideas.

They were not too hard on the criticism. At school, I have an art teacher who is really mean in her critiques—I’m surprised nobody has cried in that class. If people are too nice, she’s like, “Oh you need to be real with them.” But she goes way too hard. She will be like, “Oh, this is terrible.”

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