Edwin Lopez, new AS220 Youth Intern

AS220 Youth welcomes a new intern, Edwin Lopez. He is a young, multi-talented artist from Central Falls who has already begun to adorn the walls of our studios with his amazing art. Edwin began experimenting with drawing when he was nine years old and quickly began teaching himself drawing and painting skills by studying art and images that inspire him. He recently completed his first commissioned mural, and has been selling his work to friends for years. Edwin’s ability to understand the deeper meanings of art, poetry, and dance fuels his creative life. Edwin has the gift of raw talent and passion. He funnels his feelings into his art, creating powerful and striking images that communicate with the viewer. He is eager to continue gaining skills in painting and drawing and to learn new techniques such as screen printing and sculpture. Edwin aspires to gain wisdom and strength from the hardships of life, express the wisdom in his art, and help others. Be on the lookout for his excellent artwork!

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