Heat Press Experiments with the Apparel Team

The Apparel Team received a Jumbo 150 dry mounting and laminating press, kindly donated by those over at the Industries. Upon receiving it we knew we had to test it out. The first test was successful, as we were able to press an image of Skittles onto a t-shirt for our Trayvon Martin tribute hoodie, using special paper we ordered online. With that confirmed to be doable we decided to experiment with the machine. With Don and Sandra, two RISD volunteers who come to work with us on Thursdays, we decided to try iron on transfers on polyester instead of cotton. We drew onto the special paper with fabric markers, and the transfers, as shown in the photos, came out nice looking — sort of like swatches of household items like curtains or blankets. Overall there are many more things that can be done with the heat press and we are looking forward to testing them out.
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