Featured Artist: Indira Miller

Indira Miller is quite a familiar face around AS220 Youth.  She has been involved in AS220 for almost 4 years.  She has created countless bodies of work both in video and painting.  Currently Indira is an intern at AS220 for the fall Semester.  Indira’s jobs within this Internship include studio painting and developing curriculum to aid in the development of student classes at AS220.

Part of Indira’s internship has been to begin the process of developing her studio practice as a painter.  She schedules routine times each week to spend countless hours in the studio and experiments with different ideas that she has.  Currently she is testing collage mediums in her large format paintings.

Much of Indira’s work  has been thematic about stories from her own history.  Over the summer Indira made an entire documentary about the aural ghost stories passed down from generations in her own family history.  Currently Indira is excited to tell more of her heritage’s stories through painting.  When asked about her painting process Indira said, “I love getting messy, if I don’t get messy I don’t feel like I’m doing actual work.” Take a look at some of the process pictures from the painting Indira is currently working on.

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