Justin Espinal Photography: “I’m Trying to Make Art!”

Paulo Morales has been taking time out of his busy schedule as a grad photo student at RISD to crit AS220 Youth Photo student Justin Espinal’s  photo work.  One important take away Justin had from his crit was the idea that photos, and images in general, have more than one meaning. “ I learned that someone may not see what I want them to see, but they may be seeing something else, and that that is cool. I don’t mind that at all as long as it speaks to the person.” When asked why his photos of people are mostly of girls, Justin says “ With girls I can communicate more easily, at the end of a photo shoot I usually have some pictures I really want. With guys they usually want to be all thugged out.  I’m not trying to take pictures like that, I’m trying to make art!” Pictured here are two photos of Justin’s, of both guys and a girl. I think he was successful in making some art!

Justin Espinal Photography: "I'm Trying to Make Art!"

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