Kyle Collins and Sam Makor AS220 Youth Gallery Show

On Saturday, November 3rd, Kyle Collins and Sam Makor had a gallery show at AS220 Youth. They got a chance to show off their amazing art, and wrote artist statements explaining what they like to do. Kyle Collins wrote in his statement, “I make art because I like to have beautiful things to see and hear and taste. I want to enhance my life and experiences as much as I can”. His statement was hanging between two skateboard trucks installed on the wall.

Kyle likes drawing weird faces that excite him. His work is fascinating and thrilling. His work is fresh, especially when it comes to using acrylic on wood. His painting titled “Beemer” has a photographic quality that is admirable.

On the opposite wall, Sam Makor’s statement read, “At first I hated it (art), but when Gianna taught me, I started to love it”. Sam went on to explain his process, “I like to make interesting characters that no one has seen before. When I make a character and finish it, I put it aside, and then I move on to the next one by thinking of the opposite features of the previous. For example, if my last character was skinny and tall, I imagine one that is short and fat”.

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For someone who hated making art at first, Sam has tons of drawings that he probably never imagined himself being able to draw. There were enough drawings to fill up the whole hallway. Crazy creatures lined the walls, and whimsical faces covered his art.

Congratulations to both Sam Makor and Kyle Collins for their artistic abilities showcased in their awesome gallery show. We hope this is only the beginning!


Written by: Aaron Varona, Cassandra Pineda, and Caitlin Cali

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