Meet The New Arts Education Vista

Janay Pina is a 24-year-old who is originally from Boston but has lived in Las Vegas, Newport and Los Angeles in the last 2 years. She got her undergraduate from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in California. In the past she was a program director for the Disney Channel and organized all of their programming. With those great talents AS220 is lucky to employ her as the Arts Education Vista. Her job here at AS220 is to make sure all the youth’s portfolios are updated. She is also working with the training school and UCAP to teach classes. Something you may not know about Janay is that when she was 9 year old she sang a jingle for a German commercial. While Janay is here she is hoping to get more experience in this type of field, a better sense of community within Providence and to build a strong relationship. Join us in welcoming the newest addition to AS220 Youth.

Article by: Anidou Sonogo

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