New Cross Roads Photography Class

By: Carlos De La Rosa

In addition to working on their photography skills Post Secondary Photo Mem students Carlos De La Rosa and Anthony Villavincencio have recently been honing their teaching skills. Two weeks ago these students, supported by Photo Mem staff member Miguel Rosario began teaching students from the Cross Roads homeless service organization. Carlos had this to say about his teaching experience so far.

“When my student DeShawn’s pinhole camera was not working I was thinking he was going to get frustrated and leave. But when he saw the other student’s photos being developed he wanted to push through and make his camera work. After that first class people were psyched and wanted to come back. I was concerned that teaching this class would be all about trying to keep people focused on stuff they thought was lame. I thought it would be stressful. But it wasn’t like that. I think the reason the students liked the class had something to do with the idea that they were really learning how photography works it was not just a time filler.”

“ After these six classes are over I am hoping to have more teaching experience that I can retain. I didn’t think I’d like teaching but I do. It would be awesome to teach again. Seeing students reactions to learning and seeing their accomplishment on their faces is exciting to me. “


New Cross Roads Photography Class

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