Pinhole Photography: “That’s not a Camera, that’s a Box!”

That’s not a Camera, that’s a Box!

That is the refrain I get when showing students an example of a camera they will soon be making. Somehow photography becomes crazy fun when you make your own camera. Somehow making your own camera becomes more interesting when it is made out of what is usually considered trash. Over the years students from the AS220 Youth Photo program in the Rhode Island Training School have been making their own pinhole cameras assembled from cardboard, an aluminum soda can and tape. The only modern technology (which is not so modern these days) is photo paper, which takes the place of film or a digital chip in our cameras. What do students get for their efforts? A self portrait much like the pioneers who invented photography about 160 years ago. Sitting as still as possible for the ten to fifteen minutes needed to make each exposure is usually the hardest part for these students. This weeks crew did great.


Pinhole Photography: "That's not a Camera, that's a Box!"

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