ruiz-alex-profileI like to make art because it is a fun way to express myself and it helps me calm down when I’m mad or frustrated. When I draw I don’t have a specific subject I like to draw because I like to draw what ever comes to mind whether its people, animals,
landscapes, and more. The process that I use when I start a project is that I like to think about what I want to draw and then I sketch it out and continue on to what I want it to be made of. My work is different from others because everybody has their own imagination and things they like to do.

What I see in my artwork is life and a little of myself in each one of my different art works because art is supposed to reflect who you are. I have gotten positive and constructive criticism from different people because everybody has their own opinions on
things. My goal as an artist is to improve on my painting and drawing skills and practice more on techniques. What inspire me in my artwork are my family, friends, and the many different things surrounding me, whether they are positive or negative.

Alex Ruiz Visuals