Sonogo_Anidou_profileGrowing up as a young adult and listening to Hip Hop and R&B really influenced how I feel about music. I never knew the true meaning of real hip hop, until I started creating and producing my own music. All I knew was sound and what I viewed in videos. I never used to focus on the lyrics and the meaning of the songs, but now I do. Becoming my own hip hop artist really opened my eyes to what true hip hop is about and what message I want to bring into the world.

I’m the oldest out of six children. I live with my mother, three brothers and two sisters. No support from a father, I have never laid eyes on my father all my life. I can only imagine what a single mother is faced with trying to get through life with her six children and the struggle she endures when trying to give them the best she has to offer. We are from a small country in Africa, called Ivory Coast. We came to the United States because my mother wanted us to live the life she never lived. Being in this country really citified my need and seeing all the open doors to becoming someone in the future.

In 2008 a best friend of mine introduced me to a after school program called AS220 Youth and with it, a free opportunity to record and perform my own music, be in an environment where people are committed to working with me and also the chance to earn money while doing something that I love. Here at AS220 Youth , I’ve been able to take art and music classes, build a portfolio, perform in and around Rhode Island and most importantly find myself as a musician

I do music for two reasons; my mother and to show young children the true meaning of real hip hop. In my songs I write about my childhood in my country and the experiences I had, tears I shared with love ones, watching people die right before my eyes, and going days without food, no money and no one to ask for help.

Seeing where I am today and thinking back to what it took to get here, I am certain that God blessed me and my family. I thank him everyday for giving his graces and blessing me with life, good health, an open mind, and freedom of speech. I love who I am and what I want to do in life. Sometimes people say I’m a quite person but I know what a little push I can over come my fears. I love social media, technology, computer and typing. Those are my hobbies and what I love doing on my free time. Someday in the future I want to own a business.

The road to anything worth while will not always be smooth but I know with a lot of hard work, remembering where I came from, and knowing where I want to be in life, I can accomplish anything. I know I have the effort and power to accomplish anything I start. It’s not in my blood to be left behind and watch other move on. America is a land with free opportunities, educations and so many different establishments. All my life I’ve learned that it is important to make use out of every opportunity you have, because you don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring.

Anidou Sonogo Performance