theyknow-fam-cas-profilepicI am an emcee, a poet and just recently began to dabble into singing. I am learning how to be a studio engineer and would like the studio engineer position at AS220 Youth Studio one day. I want to learn how to play the piano and guitar

Before music, I started off drawing. Though drawing still remains one of my hobbies I definitely do not take it as serious as I take my writing. When I was younger, I never wanted too many friends, I preferred alone time. In the 3rd grade I started writing poetry which gradually progressed to rhyming which eventually evolved into rapping sometime around middle school. Rapping actually started off as a hobby also until I got into some trouble with the law and ended up in the Rhode Island Training School. That’s where first encountered AS220 Youth. It was history in the making from there. The AS220 Youth staff helped me realize how much potential I have. I began taking creative writing classes and taking my work to the next level. Its crazy how such a negative experience can bring forth such a positive outcome. I was always in trouble with the law some way or another because of the people I surrounded myself. Now I just stick to myself again and enjoy what life has to offer through art and music

The kind of music I make is honest, raw, under ground, passionate and somewhat of an emotional roller coaster leading to a portal into my soul, but you could only find your way there if you listen to my rhyme scheme carefully. I love word play like double meanings.

Everything that has to do with life inspires me. I love how rap is so controversial. I rap about the world and its problems, it’s wonders, my life experience, family and, train of thought as far as my emotions and how I use it to my best of knowledge to deal with life. People who inspire are my mother because of her focus and discipline, my uncle Cas as far as his determination, Anne Kugler as far as her work ethic, Anjel as far as her communication skills, my brother Anselmo as far as his presence and tactical skills, my sister Eloisa as far as her passion, my sister Laurinda as far as her people person skills. Now those skills are all needed in anything you do in life and there are many others I have learned off of sorry if you didn’t come to mind much love.

Im inspired by artist who have mastered a particular style or element within their field and/or possess a certain quality that make them unique . For example some artist who inspire me are Lloyd Banks due to his lyricism, Max B for his vocals, French Montana’s darkness, Eminem’s delivery, Common’s story telling ability, Big L’ s word play, 2pac’s poetics, Biggie Smalls’ presence, Cassidy’s punch lines, and Lil Wayne.s adaptability. I pick off each rapper I’ve grown to love just like everyone else I have learned from. Of course there are more names that could have been on this list but I’d probably write a novel trying to pin point each artist and what makes them special.

Through my music I hope to find peace and happiness with myself and bring peace to others. I want to teach people things I’ve learned throughout life like that being yourself and not caring what others think puts less stress on yourself and brings forth peace within your soul. There can be no world peace until you find it within yourself. I cant say I’m perfect because no one is. I still have issues in my life but God wouldn’t put burdens on me if he didn’t I know I can handle my own.

Cas "They Know Fam" Pereira Performance