ProfileImageI was introduced to art at the early age of five, when I started kindergarten. I recall myself already constructing images from children’s stories – like the cow going over the moon or a scene of a circus- drawing the animals from shapes stored. Everything about art captivated me. As I advanced though primary school, middle school & my one year of high school, creating art sheltered my youth & adolescence & continues today in adulthood. What captured me about art was the easy access & natural ability to conjure up what I envisioned: a lonely Christian playing the organ to revel the spirits, or a blue old man patiently serving his sentence. I continue drawing, painting etc. because is my basic therapy in life & soothes the beast of the mind we all face. Art is my own perspective, is the expression of inner thought in visual form, and has been throughout the ages. Everything nowadays is documented & the many stages & growth of art will continue adhering and molding to man’s current state, in my humble opinion. To me, all of the classic mediums will always be popular, contrary to rising technology. The paint on a canvas or in my case a sheet of paper will always be physical and will try to bring a rise in the spirit, to dissociate for at least the slightest moment. The shimmery rapture of morbid humor & gentle persuasion towards a smile, is what I hope to achieve in my art – as it grows, develops & evolves into more mature mediums or steps deeper in a child’s hope in pen & markers. Whether I make a career of making art or not, it will always be a defining factor in my wellbeing & health in life. A saving grace second to our Christ.

Geraldo Figueroa Visuals