Jamale Ivan Fisher better known by his stage named Jamale Jay, is an American rapper, songwriter and video director who currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island. He is of African American Black Foot and Cherokee Indian decent. In third grade, Jamale began writing and recording demos on cassette tapes. Sooner after he started bringing his music to school so he could show case his demos to teachers and classmates. From 2008-2011 Jamale attended The Met High School, in Providence, Rhode Island. There he studied film making, acting and took multiple classes at the Rhode Island School of Design, The Art Institute of Boston, and New York University in Dublin, Ireland.

Throughout his child hood Jamale’s family suffered from homelessness and moved around quite often. In just a short time he lived in places like Rhode Island, New York, and Mississippi. As a high school student he never pursued music, though music is what he had the most skill, and passion for. He figured that film or acting would lead him to a career in music, so he never put to much time and effort into his craft but soon after the completion of high school Jamale to take a leap of faith towards his music career.

As of July 2012, Jamale has started working on his first official mixtape and plans to release it in December. The production on this mixtape has included producers such as PWN One and Justin Case. Most of the recording sessions have been recorded at Castle Entertainment and the Delgado Recording Studio at AS220 Youth in Providence Rhode Island.

His musical style consist of but is not limited to poetry, hip hop, and R&B .Some of his influences include Jadakiss, Styles P, KRS-One, Max B, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot. In 2012 Jamale performed at 3rd Eye’s Annual Hip Hop Festival the OPEN in New Bedford Massachusetts, Zuology Hip Hop Showcase at AS220 in Providence RI and will be performing at shows such as Foo Fest, Zumix in East Boston and 95.5WBRU’s Hip Hop Fest by the end of summer 2012.

Jamale’s mixtape reflects his feelings about life’s reoccurring themes of dualism, uncensored expression and the beauty of mixing and blending music from the past, present and future generations. He aims to take elements of new era hip hop as well as elements of the early stages of hip hop and blend them together. He doesn’t want his music to be one dimensional. His upcoming mixtape will also cover a wide variety of topics such as his personal life, political issues, social issues, homelessness, prostitution, drugs, partying, and relationships. The objective of this mixtape is to engage all audiences, to create catchy yet substantive content , to show hip hop and music fans alike that music is about self expression, and to ultimate show the world that that no human is one dimensional, we all have different elements that create who we are. With every verse, Jamale pushes him self to break through musical boundaries, take artistic risk and strives to levitate himself outside of the box that mass media tries to confines us to.

Some of his long term goals are to have a successful album, a world tour and a live band. He also aspires to start a record label and act as a mentor for his artists. Besides a career in music he also wants to release a fragrance called First Impression.


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