I draw, paint, and photograph.




I started taking classes at RISD when I was quite young because my father was a liberal arts professor there. I kept doing the classes through elementary, middle school and high school. I started getting into drawing, photography and painting because I really liked making things with my own hands. I found out about AS220 from my older brother who was a student here two years ago although I was not sure what AS220 would be like, I decided to attend because I was interested in a new learning environment.




Through the Photo Mem class I feel that I developed a greater sense of self-awareness, which comes from other people commenting on my work during our critique. The critique really enlightened me to my own theme, that previously I had not recognized. I find myself taking pictures that feel very quiet and calm even if the word quiet isn’t normally associated with the environment that I am photographing. I also appreciate how much I have learned about artists who use photography in their work.




I hope that my artistic interest gets me into an art school, my first choice being RISD. In the future, I hope to keep moving in the same direction and potentially make it more than a hobby.

Lizzie Gourlay Photography