My name is Mike Masseau but I go by M-Squared. I do not like to label myself as a certain type of musician, I am just me. When it comes to the type of music I tend to create, its beats. Last year I started creating beats because I had nothing to do that was creative. O felt I had to get out oh here and start doing things outside of the box. The music I mainly creative is Hip Hip and Trap style beats. Many different producers inspire me but Kanye West, HitBoy, 9th Wonder and Lex Luger are definitely among my top 10. As of now I do not have a project out nor am I in a rush to drop one any time soon. I rather spend my time working on creating beats and practicing my craft. I did however produce a single for an DieVerse, who is a talented MC from Rhode Island. The track is called “Wasn’t Easy” and will be featured on his upcoming mixtape. In the next couple of years I see myself owning a studio, becoming a nurse or dentist and then taking the money I earn and investing it into a label. Ultimately I hope to get some radio play and be known for making really sick beats.



Michael Masseau Performance