Coming to a new country for me was very hard. I had to attend school with people I don’t know and learn their language. The reason why music interest me is because through music I can express how I feel and tell others what I went through. Back in the day, kids used to pick on me about my race, color and the way I talk. Around that time I started feeling really bad about myself.  I was too afraid to tell a teacher or anybody else about how I felt so instead I wrote my feelings into  songs.

My style of music is mostly influenced by R&B. I can also rap if needed . I started singing around age 5. I didn’t have a lot of musical experience until I started attneding classes at  ac  youth program called AS220 Youth. There I learned about different kinds of music, how to make beats , record in a studio and how to perform on stage. Making beats comes in handy if your a vocalist on a budget.

Most of the songs I write are about love but I also enjoy making music that people can dance to.When I write a song I need to belive in what I’m writing about. I don’t write just because.  I  singing about  what really happened to me like for example my song “Childhood Memories”. That song was inspired by the war back in my country that took place a few years ago. Watching my people die and not being able to do anything about it , kids dieing from HIV because of lack of money and poor health facilities. I put examples like that in my song to let my listeners  know that things like that really happen.


Princess Myers Performance