Lo$t is a multimedia artist based in Providence, Rhode Island as a screenwriter, director and
currently making a short film, actor, model, voice actor Lo$t finds unique ways to express his
point of view. Best known as a rapper Lo$t has found a following on soundcloud as well as in
the local live music scene. his first EP $ O R R Y, released November 16, 2016 as 4 track loose
concept collection of randomly made while out turning up and wanna making songs, its
includes Features from Chum Loud, Plan-B Eye. currently in the making of a full length Lp ‘’LIFE
HA$ NO AN$WER’ with a R’N’B Lp
member of the local art collective/imprint K$B, producer and musician who experiments in
other genres, clothing designer with fellow K$B member Spanish Nigga Petro under the name
TEMP.. the first line of clothing and gear ‘’$tolen image$’’ is about stealing from capitalism and
making ur own money from it, lo$t hopes have own brand of natural leaf cigars one day.


Lo$t King Photography and Video