As an artist, I use my work to give balance to my hectic life. As the oldest in my family, and only person to go to college, there is a lot of pressure on me to become very successful and help my family financially and emotionally. My art helps me clear my mind, prioritize my responsibilities and work through some of my drama. This relationship to my art is highlighted in my dancing. Whether I’m doing a choreographed routine or just fooling around, I can just release any anger or other dark emotions that are dying to escape from my head. I can interpret a story into my dancing, but I can also keep my body healthy and energized. I love to widen my imagination by drawing, painting, designing, creating my own clothes, dancing, and culinary arts.


Currently my biggest passion is in the culinary arts. As a culinary student enrolled in Johnson & Wales University I can explore my two passions, cooking and baking almost anything. I like to experiment with food that I have never heard of before. I try to change up traditional recipe so people can experience something new in the familiar. I enjoy learning about food because I can teach and share my knowledge with anyone who’s interested & broaden his or her ideas about what food is.

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