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Almonte_Brian666 I am an artist who works in many different mediums. Photography—both kinds: digital and film, filmmaking, graphic design. I play guitar and write music, poems, and short stories. My favorite medium to work in is writing music, poems or short stories. Writing is the only way I can say many things. It is the only way I’ve learned how to express my self with no problem. Writing is something that nobody could ever take away from me.

My friend Bryan Freire introduced me to AS220 in September 2012, but I did not take this seriously until spring 2013.I have taken many classes here at AS220 Youth including digital photography, film photography, web development, video, guitar, Hidden Truth, Screen Printing and Digital Fabrication.

Everything I write is all about one of these four things: Life, death, love, or having fun. These are the themes that tie everything together. Not everything has the same meaning for me or people that see it. When I write or make music, I go to a special place between heaven and hell, and then all hell breaks loose in my head, and that evokes many different feelings. I just want people to understand what I do, and how it relates to my understanding of what they do.
I really want to pursue art, because it has become part of my life. It is something that I cannot live without. I plan on studying some of these things in college, but I don’t know which one first. This is not a hobby for me, because when you do something from the bottom of your heart, it is not only a simple thing anymore.

Brian Almonte Photography

Brian Almonte Photography 2014

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Brian Almonte graphic design 2014

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brian almonte resume dec- 2014

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