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I’m really into computers and I’m really good with using computers. I was pretty much introduced to them because my brother has always been good with them and other things similar to them. He was the type of guy that could fix an Xbox; I don’t know how he knew. The main reason I’m into computers is because I’ve always loved video games, and I’ve always wondered how they were made, and how the video game makers achieve all of that detail. Also I’ve always wanted to make a video game of my own. The main reason I want to make a video game is because I’ve always been interested in the video games that are like another world. For example, games like Grand Theft Auto and The Sims are games I really like because they are almost like living a second life in a video game. At some point in my life I want to make a video game much like Grand Theft Auto. After coming to as220, I realize that making games that involve living another life require that you know tons of things. Even though it’s hard to believe, I probably know more about computers now than my brother.

Carlos Rojas Visual Arts