I am a photographer who mainly works on film photography. I develop my film and print my black and white photographs at the AS220 Community Darkroom. In 2008 my Dad showed me his Nikon 6006 35mm film camera. Then after watching him process and develop film I became interested myself. I am still interested in taking and making pictures all these years later because I love the process of shooting pictures and then taking the time I need to make them perfect. The problem is that film is only going to be around for so long, I mean look at Fuji, they have pretty much stopped producing film. Black and white film photography allows me to express my feelings by photographing landscapes, like a calm bay to some random happy trees. I want the viewer to be like, “Hey, those are some photos, Cool man” or something, I don’t know. It would be pretty cool if I were to keep on doing film photography. But yeah, photography.

Carter Thompson Photography