Someone once told me if I got something to say, say it flat out through performance as a dancer I use my body language to tell the world how I’m feeling and am able to use my own swagg to make people understand me. Through writing music and acting I let my words and actions talk to people. I started danceing back in the day at family parties in New York. My family mostly dance to bachata, meringue and salsa. My dad used to play a variety of music but espically Anthony Santos. If you grew up in a spanish household thats all you heard. Growing up danceing with family members definitely shaped me as a dancer. In my opinion, if you aint got it for a party, you aint got it for the stage! About 7 years ago i moved to Rhode Island and started dancing with a local group that I met at my church. Florico is the name of the style we danced. We used to wear long flowing dresses or blue red and white dresses, we use to perform at festivals in the summer. Now I’m here at AS220 taking hip-hop dance, writing music, acting and creating art work. About 4 years ago in my middle school, UCAP, I began taking Hip-hop dance classes with Anjel. We got a lot accomplished even though stuff got hectic sometimes. I’m happy I took that class because it led me to AS220. I hope that one day I will be successful with cash in my pocket and ain’t got to worry about none else but me.


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Delani Rosa

Down and Out

Down and Out


Wondering back in time

Was it a dream-

A dream or reality

Its so hard to sleep at night

Cuz of these dreams

These dreams tryna battle me

And i keep on thinking

I dont want to play these games

I cant stop thinking

Did i do the right thing


When i stop and thinking about just what you put me through

My heart starts racing, loosing patence, cant help waiting on you

You left me down and out (3x)


I'm From

I’m From

Im from a crazy father and a stupid mother

one on the way sa almost 8 younger brothers

and sisters, im the oldest no one cares about

but there to busy dazzed out in a gray cloud

im from the hood were everyone is loud

grandfather passing away now im looking up at the stars

growing up around the weed with a mother who doesn’t give me what i need

im from where i dont depend on noone but myself where i retreat back in my own world like im stealth.


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