Hello, my name is Dioriz Santos and I like to sing. I’ve been a solo artist all my life but just recently got into a music group with friends called UNITED. When I first came to AS220 Youth I really didn’t know anybody. I remember walking over from UCAP Middle School on a Friday afternoon with a group of friends and then we met Anjel, the AS220 Youth Performance Coordinator. Anjel asked us if we wanted to make a song and we said yes. That was the UNITED was formed.

I started singing at a very young age. Once I got older it was an on and off thing but I never gave up. I don’t give up on what I really like to do. Music is my inspiration and I take it very serious.

I imagine myself being a timeless singer. The type of singer who’s music defies time barriers, generations and trends. I never want to forget about old school music but am totally open to experimenting with sounds and styles of the new era

There are many people who inspire me but the person who I look up to the most is Justin Beiber. Justin started singing at a young age just like me. He inspires young people to never give up on their dreams and to always be on top of their game. I can personally relate to his music and want to be like him one day.

In the future I dream of accomplishing all of my goals and getting somewhere in life. I really want to be big-time like the professional singers that I look up and perform all around the world. Also, next year I’m starting high school. I know that if I push myself in school, my career will soar to another level. I’m already looking into different colleges because school is where its at. In the end, my ultimate goal elevate myself into a position I never thought I could.



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