Hi, my name is “Edgar Antonio Mancilla”, and I am an emcee. I prefer to use my government name as an artist, “Tony Mancilla”. I’m 20 years old born November 5, 1992. I write lyrics about my life and express myself through music. When I was about 5 years old, I discovered music was a thing I liked doing. I started off by lip-singing and free styling over the songs I would listen to. I used to listen to every type of music, and to this day, still do.

Years went by and I began to realize that no matter what I was personally going through, music would always be there for me. Music, unlike sports or any other type of hobby, was apart of me.


During my school years, I was a rebel. I would always be in some type of trouble. “Suspensions” was a major thing for me back in elementary school.
The people around me and especially those in my neighborhood added immensely to my rebellious spirit.When I was about 11 years old, I wrote my first lyrics and discovered how writing songs could help express the pain and anger within me.

The music I write is usually about me, the things I go through, things I been through, and how where I see myself in the future. I watch things that happen around me and write about it. I write pain music, songs that I know will touch people around the world who have experienced the same feelings. To me, truth is all that matters so I write about my life. I believe by being myself, one day I will be successful. 

People who inspire me are those with interesting backgrounds and deep stories about their life. Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent is some one that I look up to. He inspires me to get motivated, work hard for what I want and find a grind that I believe in and can make money off of.

One day I hope to be heard and known around the world. I want music to be part of my career and wish to make a living off of telling my story through the art of rhyme. I want to be successful and have everything I wish for including a happy family.