Since I was a toddler I have loved taking photos at family barbecues and at the park with my mother. I was also inspired by the artwork in Stan Lee and Steve Ditko comic books and continue to draw and paint today. Additionally I was inspired by the fictional photographer and superhero known as Peter Parker aka Spiderman from these comic books, TV shows and movies. When I create my photographs and drawings I am leaving the present moment and am working to create feelings within my images that tell stories. The meaning of the stories might be different things for different people and that is okay. I look forward working toward a career in photography.


I have been inspired by my teachers and guidance counselor at my high school and at my art program AS220. I plan to continue pursuing this passion in college. In my time here at AS220 I have learned about myself and met new people. I first met Scott Lapham and Miguel Rosario when i had my first day of photography class. Through conversations in class they challenged me to think about what I think the true beauty of photography and taking photos is. I am inspired to follow my dream and passion to continue doing photography and being in the present moment. My drawing and painting teacher is Caitlin Cali. She is the kind of person you always want to around because she is charming, creative, stunning and beautiful. She encourages me to translate my thoughts into art through drawing and paintings. Thanks to these teachers and friends I have thought more about art and continuing my passion of being creative and believing in myself.

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