I have been making artwork for as long as I can remember. It has never really been much of a choice for me. It has just always been a part of my life, like eating or sleeping; I don’t choose to make art; I need to make it.




I make art for a lot of reasons. Art is my form of expression. I use art to speak when words cannot. It is not limited to one group of people. It is a universal language that anyone can understand. If I have an idea but I cant explain it I can draw it out. I like the power that art gives. It gives man the power to create worlds, galaxies, and whole groups of people.




To me, art is a direct route into my mind; it is amazing how it can change something from imaginary to something that other people can see. I like being able to change my “imagine if…” or “what if” statements to “Look at this” and “here’s what I am thinking”.




In the same respect, I can hide in my artwork. I can put emotion behind my artwork that no one sees. To me, a piece of my art can mean something to me in my life and no one will know that. I can put my secrets in there.




I hope to go to college for art, and perhaps become an art therapist or comic book artist. I am not completely sure where I want it to take me.

Elias Ramos Visuals

Elias Ramos Sackett Mural