I’m an all around performer. I like to create all kinds of songs especially deep poetic stuff. I started attending AS220 Youth in July 2013 because I really wanted to join a place where I could express my talent and love for music. My music is poetic and has a message that pops out as you listen to it. I am inspired by other people’s music and musicians themselves.I am especially inspired by 2 Pac, TLC, Common, Nas etc. I like old school mixed with new school. Recently I released a song titled “Brand New Skool Biz” featuring Amorous and Young Sen. This song sort of bashes the government and at the same time has a playful 80’s rap feel. In 5 years I plan on going to UCLA and double majoring in Forensic Science and Music Production. Either that or become a famous singer, rapper or dancer. My goal in music is to be able to express myself more through my lyrics and learn how to become better from a lyrical standpoint and in the art of dance.


Esther Olugbusi Tie Dye

Esther OlugBusi Performance

Counting Losses

Why everybody gotta be so cruel?

Boys n girls gettin shot after school

It’s all how society wants us to be

All of us facing off like damn enemies

Living in the hood like we’re all bosses

When really all we’re doing is counting our losses

Niggas have mug shots up like its a damn prize

Hoes actin like gettin  pregnant a damn surprise

Do we not know the world around us?

Or how society throws us under the damn bus

Girls in skimpy clothing

Then that baby comes n they feel that bloating

They go tell their man but he runs off

Hiding causing mami’s daddy to go off

Like i said we live in the country of fake men

Where society tells us to go where and when


Freestyle #1


They tryna turn islam violent when it really aint.

All the lies n bullshit i swear i might faint.

It was all the white christians.

They tryna play innocent.

They got Emmett Till and dragged him past the mill.

They lynched our people right infront of the steeple.

So how could you look past that?

That’s like tossin the hat.

Man that shit aint right comin from a nigga who aint even white.

I swear yall get things all wrong n nt like a bell that goes ding dong.

The muslims innocent and the system just straight hella bent.


MC Writing Verse


Yeah you heard it right. The government tryna put up a fight. Two sides can’t agre. But their decision affects me. Yeah me and my people. Its like being killed by a needle. Resistance is futile. Im just tryna stay neutral. But even thats hard. Everyones just playin the race card. Yeah obama black but them republicans actin whack. Obamacare is the cause but we just seein the governments true flaws. Its like the night of halloween. Like you see on the movie screen. Everyone dressed up, no one sayin wassup, all you hear is the sound of candy. No i aint talkin bout brandy. Because you can see it now. They even takin a big bow. Its them congress people. Makun run from the needle. Is this all even legal? Or shud we run like a begal. Ok lemme get this right. The republicans went on strike. over some money. Now they layin with their honey. Sippin that good good. While we sit in the hood. They dont hear us. Cause we aint a big fuss. We just them hood rats. And they the big cats. That make up all the laws. Thats right the ones with the flaws. But we can do anything. Rather than complain bout everything. So raise your voice. And make some noise. So when they hear us, it wont be from the next jail bus.


My Words

It’s not my fault my words are better than yours

It’s not my fault my words are better than yours

My words fly from my pencil to my paper like bullets flying from a gun

Like the atomic bomb going off, BOOM! The words just don’t stop

It’s not my fault that you try and you try but end up with garbage

While I try and I try and end up with magic

Oh you can whine and whine and say you’re not good enough

But to most people out there you sound like a baby throwing a hissy fit screaming “WAH WAH, give me attention….”

See when I write, I don’t think about the people, but when you write you ooze the attention seeking slime from you

Like I said before, it’s not my fault; all that’s in your head are the lyrics to the latest banger blasting on the radio

While I’m reading at home blasting spoken word from my stereo

It’s not my fault that I was preparing for school at the age of two and you were still drooling on your pillow as if you were a damn baby

It’s not my fault the instant I get an idea, my pen goes click and my mind starts to tick

While you still wonder, WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS ALL MEAN?

You’re stressing, worrying, getting all built up but like I said before, it’s not my fault

So please don’t you worry about me

I’m making magic just you wait and see

I’m writing, you’re fighting with the words

My pencil is flowing, your paper stares at you with its emptiness

I’m almost done and you haven’t even written your first letter yet!

Because like I said before, it’s not my fault my words are better than yours.


NAS Verse


Ok so im enterin this rap game. Just writin not lookin for fame. I use to be so hesistant bout this. My ma used to say fuck this shit. Forget bout it, that aint no job. Unless u wanna end up robbed. Cause there aint no future in rap. Just tattoos, gangs, and the stereotypical blacks. But you my daughter. And im yo mama. Im tryna protect you, no forget u. So now i listen. To the sound of glocks bein drawn. While other parents mourn. The loss of their child. The one who didnt listen. Who went his own wat. And ended up passin away. Im not tryna be that kid. The one whos the next hit. Im the good girl. Haha scratch that. Im me, with a lot of possibilities. Im workin on my dream. But what is it? Youll just have to wait and see. Like all the other haters around me.


Burst Of Feelings

A random burst of feeling produced this:

From gold diggers to hoodrats

To the celtics and baseball caps

Niggas bettin on teams when they should be payin the rent

Wifeys worryin bout hoes all over their men

Is that how life supposed to be

Everyone is like their own enemy

Nobody wants to work together yet

 we’re the world power

Expectin money to rain on us like a damn shower

The sound of glocks being drawn rings loud in my ear

As they go POP POP and shoot


No one is safe, No one is sorry, i feel bad for the bitches on Maury

You see kids raising themselves

While gangbangers flaunt their wealth

This ain’t how a nation supposed to be.

It’s just a country full of hypocrisy

I’m ashamed to be an American or as i like to say the country of fake men

Pt 2 to my other verse:

Then we got side chicks movin up the wifey ladder

Talkin bout theyre becoming badder n badder

When all theyre doin is lookin like a damn fool

Waitin for hubby so they can jump in the pool

When truth is hubby sleepin with his true wifey

Thick as hell niggas say she real spicy

So no

w the side hoe talkin a whole lotta smack

Actin all crazy makin her look straight whack

Wifey aint got no problems cuz her man comes home

Makin side mami

 go crazy n blow up the phone

Why all this bullshit goin on in our hood

The media portrayin bullshit that aint at all good

All we see is guns and hearses

Men stealing women’s purses

We need to change the minds of our peoples

Before they end up dead right in front of the steeples


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