I am mainly interested in painting, photography, and graphic design. These types of art are interesting to me because I like to see my imagination and ideas on paper. I started drawing and painting at a very early age, and have built on those skills through the years. My dad was an art teacher at Mount Pleasant High School. I was introduced to various art forms when he would bring his work home, and it would be lying around the house. I would use simple ballpoint pens and scratch paper to draw my thoughts out. My painting, drawing and photography range from abstract to realistic. I am drawn to abstract art because of the colors and shapes. I enjoy making abstract collages of people and ideas. On the other hand, realistic paintings and drawings are fascinating because it’s challenging to copy the world “as it is.” My main goal in creating art is to allow others to enjoy the pieces I have created, while studying new skills and forms. I am interested to see where my art will take me, and I am always open to new opportunities and ideas.


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