Flaquer_Fernando-profileArt has always caught my eye. Living in Rhode Island, I am continually being exposed to art. I became interested in art when my older sister, Martly, brought home a 35 mm camera. The shape really caught my attention, the shape and how it worked. When I entered high school I was unable to do sports. So I was introduced to AS220 and AS220 exposed me to amazing art and inspired me to participate.
Photography is my favorite form of art. I use 35mm black and white film and glossy photo paper. Screen printing is another media that I use to express myself. The materials I use art different kinds of paint and silk screens. Both of these art mediums are very fun. And I still learn many things everyday.
My photographs are influenced by other artist’s work that I translate into my own ideas by adding my own artistic style. With film photography I focus mainly on abandoned buildings and subjects with lots of texture. I was mainly inspired by the photographer Aaron Siskind. Now I have turned his style into my own style creating a style of photography I love. With digital photography I do many portraits of people.
I am currently participating in a major project called the Kennedy Plaza Portrait Project and we take portraits of strangers at the bus plaza in downtown providence known as Kennedy Plaza. This is great influence for developing my portrait photography skills.
I have had my art shown in multiple galleries. The Kraus Gallery, AS220 art space, AS220 pop up show, and the Atrium Gallery. I enjoy the reactions that I get from the audience and always looking for ways to improve my work.

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