I’ve always been the type of person that likes to experience new things. I’ve always liked anything that involved art; I just love to be able to express myself in any way possible. When I found out about AS220 I thought that it would be a great opportunity to learn many new skills and learn things I have never done before. When my friend introduced me to AS220 I was very happy because I found the right place to learn and create art. It caught my attention because it was a place that offered so many things that had to do with art and I love painting and drawing and participating in all types of art. I still come here because it has a lot of things to offer and the people I’m surrounded by inspire me. I also love art; it’s something I really like to do. In the time that I’ve been at AS220 I’ve learned many things. The things I’ve learned and do here most of the time is painting, photography, print, and drawing. Most of my art I guess you can say is basically about my life. Everything that surrounds, every person in my life, things I’ve experienced, inspire and give me ideas of what to do in art. I would like the viewers of my art to see how dedicated I am when I work; I would like them to see all my feelings and experiences on a piece of paper, in paint, photos and drawings.


Some people would like to pursue art as a career but me on the other hand don’t think I want to pursue this as a career. I’ll like to make art more of a hobby then a career. I love art but this is something I would like to do on my own time not for a living. Although I would just want to do this as a hobby, I take my art serious and put my all into it. AS220 has become a big thing for me, everything I’ve learned here and accomplished here has been a very good thing to me. I’ve grown to like art so much.

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