Photo Mem- Feel like composition improved….my darkroom technique improved and I have been photographing bicyclists for my recent body of work.




Kennedy Plaza – This semester I started shooting with different portrait techniques,….I’m taking more time to work with my subjects to get natural expresions on their faces. I have learned a lot more about medium format, the medium format cameras are heavy so you need a tripod. You need to think more about the composition because there are fewer exposures on each roll of film. We use medium format because it provides larger better quality negatives to enlarge.




Digital Photo- Photo Assistant for Leadership RI Shoot at Lupos– the professional lights and gear were cool. Over the entire night we shot over 300 people. It was very crowded and we needed to make sure the lights didn’t get knocked down and that people getting photographed went to the correct places. The people we were photographing and the people I was working with made the job more fun than I thought it would be.





James Sawyer Photography