Music has always been a very big influence on my life. I started listening to music at a very young age but got really interested when I got my first CD, Curtain Call by Eminem. Listening to his music, and any music in general made me want to be part of it.


I always wanted to be successful in what I do. I never really did well in school but I was always able to focus on music and write lyrics. The only subject I ever really did well in was English because I took advantage of that class and used it to help me with my music. Music encourages me and pushes me to go farther because like everyone else in life I had up’s and downs and music was always my way of escaping the pain and fear in life.


The music I write is about everything the way I feel, things that happen to me or could happen to other people. I don’t follow the style, I’m not trying to fit in, I’m trying to create music for people like me. I create real lyrics and speak about how things really are; I don’t exaggerate things. I have many reasons why I do this but this is just to show everyone that gave up on me and everyone that’s been there for me that I’m not a failure and that I will not give up until I’m successful. I plan on pursuing music as I get older and making it my career and taking this very seriously.



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We are the future

This is what we do

Yea you know that I rap for Zukrew

I used to wake up to all these gunshots

Now I wont stop till I reach the top

I work for what I want

You stay in your spot

this generation is full of kids that scream and shout

That they wanna make it out

don’t be a follower

ignore the procedure

Do you Yea Be a leader

Have faith in yourself yea be a believer

now you go out and get shot or killed

Let your rhymes flow out get dropped and spilled

express yourself don’t stay concealed

what we do we’re doing for the best

Committing a crime

Lay these beats down to rest

aim north

Not south east or west



This ain’t a game

This is real life

Be a real homie

Man don’t take flight

You better fight for what you want

And you better fight for what you do

So you better be smart bro

Get a clue

Now a days they don’t let you talk

You walk on the wrong block

Then you get shot

Things going down and it never gone stop

Don’t try to fight back

These guys gone plot

Where to find you

Leave you dead in a parking lot

They don’t give a damn

They’ll let you rot

This is a messed up world its not

A bunch of games

Until you feel the pain

Be humiliated

Known as a lame

Guy ain’t Sh**

They don’t give a damn

They’ll do what ever just to get there rep up



I’ll drop a bar

& I’ll drop a line

I won’t hesitate to spit a rhyme

making big moves

the spot lights on me

wake up to fame

it’s rise and shine

stand up

shred the beat

rise and grind

Hold you tight

Like a staple

I don’t know how I can ever thank you

Closer then a pad

To a paper

I’ll show you that I will make it

Rap now a days is garbage

Straight pollution

I’m your solution

I’m the real thing

No substitution

Think I’ll give up ?

Your full of confusion

I’m gonna make it big

That’s a fact that’s proven

I live in a world full of prostitution

Where everyone thinks murder is a resolution

Everything I do

Yeah it’s for you

Life was a mystery

Never had a clue

I want you to hear me

Man I’ll never stutter

Hear me clearly

Man I’ll never mutter

I’m gonna be the best

I’m full of suspicion

I’m doing life cause I killed the rhythem

Man it’s Triple S P

Stand strong

Stand proud

Used to do this

Used to do that

Finally got my life intact

Chose the wrong path

But I ain’t going back

Turned my life around

Did a 380

When I heard these beats cry please save me

I’m your guardian

Take care of you daily

look at the world

It never heard of safety

I learned my ABC’s

By choosing blocks

I learned my 1 2 3’s

By counting shots

By my side is forever your spot

Imma spit till the day

that I Fucking drop


CITY HALL Oh what you didn’t know that our Providence City Hall gets turnt up too? Well it does! On July 17th we rolled our PA system through the City Hall doors and set it up right outside of Mayor Taveras’ office. Both As220 Youth members and state officials were rocking out to the original tunes of the AS220 Youth ZuKrewe. Big Ups to Scott and the Photo team for inviting us to perform at this event. The gallery was and is something really special.



3RD EYE OPEN PERFORMANCE On July 20, 2013 ZuKrewe headed out to New Bedford for 3Rd Eye’s 14th annual OPEN,a large scale Hip Hop festival equipped with DJ’s, break dancers, live graffiti murals and 3 on 3 basketball tournaments. For 20 minutes ZuKrewe tore up the stage and had New Bedford rocking out.



ZUKREWE T-SHIRTS Shout out to the As220 Youth Product design team for hooking us up with the ill ZuKrewe T-Shirts! Go buy one!



DA CYPHER Da Cypher was crazy ill on July31st! The power of HipHop is real and the raw passion, energy and talent of these young people is unmatched by a lot of people in and out the music industry. S/o to Jayden Lewis, Mile Byrd High, Dru Barells, Paula Lewis, Lowell Williams, Adonis Nunes Isom,Flizz Wiggins,Saulo BboyJurrasick Castillo, B B Boy FaCce Maldonado and the whole Project 401, Zumix, Sincere and last but def not least my team the ZuKrewe. Special s/o to my pplz Deejay Kellan, Premier, Pone, Angie, Felicia Love, Billy and everyone else who came out and supported the artist.




A NIGHT OUT It’s so much fun performing in general but performing for young kids is especially special! On August 7th, ZuKrewe had the honor of performing at A Night Out, a block party up near Mount Pleasant hosted by councilman Correia. Outside of performances, there was a hot dog roast,a humongous yellow slide and tons of kids running around laughing,playing and sharing an awesome time together. Thank you Councilmen Correia for inviting us!



FETE Every 3rd Thursday,Ms. Muffin aka Shevon Young used to host a HipHop Showcase/ open mic at The Spot Underground in Providence. On August 15 this super talented lady was able to hold an all out amazing 3Rd Thursday Reunion party at Fete Music in OlneyVille. Anybody who had graced the stage back in the day at the The Spot Underground was invited to play a 2 song set at the reunion. ZuKrewe members, Young Swagg and M.L.O featured as a part of Medusah Blacks 10 minute extravaganza of a performance and ended up tieing in first place with project 401, a local break dancing crew and mentoring group for city dancers.



SOUL TO KEEP VIDEO SHOOT The ZuKrewe is gearing up to release its first music video “Soul To Keep” featuring members Dieverse, M.L.O and Evan Timbo. A couple of weeks before the actual shoot, we planned to shoot the video in a graveyard, an alley way and if we got lucky, a church. We were unsure if a church would be understanding of the type of music we make and our overall vision for the song. The song is basically a trapped out version of a prayer. The concept is all about asking for God’s protection, love and forgiveness. Unfortunately we were unable to use the original church that we aimed to get so we decided to shoot outside of the huge church downtown. Mid-shoot, however, a older gentlemen walked up to us and offered for us to use the chapel that he belongs to.he said he just needed to run inside and ask the pastor if he’d be down to let us borrow his space. Excited about the possibility, we carried on shooting M.L.O’s part outside of the gigantic church. A few minutes later 4 pastors came outside and asked us about our music and how they could assist us. We told them about our vision , exchanged a few personal and varying views on God and was shortly after let into the chapel in exchange for 5 minutes of the Word. Thanks to Harbor Grace, we were able to get some amazing shots inside the chapel that really brought this video to life. Things like the beautifully stained glass, the altar and the pews helped transform this video into something really special. We ventured into our day thinking we would be shooting a regular music but ended up leaving the day with some new friends and some new ideas about spirituality. I think overall everyone felt inspired and grateful for the experience. Big-Ups to Mike Russo and the whole As220 Youth video team for making this happen!



SOUL TO KEEP PROMO New Single “Soul to Keep” by ZuKrewe! First Trap Gospel track ever! Video coming soon!



IN THE LAB ZuKrewe has been working crazzzzzy hard on this new album and its almost completed! In a few weeks we will have a 3rd listening party in the preproduction lab to pick the magic 10-15 songs that are going to make the project! Its going to be a tough call because we have so many bangers!!!!! Blood, sweat and tears goin into this project.



SUMMER RECAP/ FOOFEST Over the last 3 months the ZuKrewe worked crazy hard brainstorming, making beats, writing rhymes, recording, shooting videos, choreographing routines, building chemistry, networking, rocking shows and finally yesterday rocking our biggest show of the year, FooFest! I cant even explain how proud I am of you guys/girls! We started at ground 0 and have taking our team to a whole ‘ nother level. Now its time to bang em the head with these videos, photoshoots and release “Depth Of Field” in October! Special shout out to our brothers from Project 401. Thank you guys for joining forces with us this summer and putting on an amazing show! Also thanx to our lil brother Swagg of the Mile High Muzik Group! I cant believe how much you’ve grown in such a short amount of time! Also s/o to Atto Pilot and Nick Mosca for producing this album! your beats took our music to another planet!!Last but not least thanks to our As220 Youth family! Whether its been taking pics, shooting videos, giving us rides or painting our faces, you guys always hold us down! #unity #providence #rhodeisland #as220 #zukrewe #project401 #milehigh #foofest — with B Boy FaCce Maldonado and 28 others.



PROJECT 401 COLLABO! This summer the ZuKrewe was lucky enough to connect and collaborate with Project 401, a local break dance and mentoring troupe headed up by B Boy Face. Every Monday, 2Legit, ZuKrewe’s official dance team and Project 401 would meet up, listen to music made by local Hip Hop artist, and then get to creating choreography. The three tracks that we decided to dance to was “So Mas Um” by Chachi Carvalho , “B-Gurls” by Dirty Durdie and ” Storytelling” by the B4E. Hopefully heading into the fall we can continue collaborating with these brothers and make some magic for this winter!