Last year, I would sit in my room watching tech videos about how to build computers, about how computers work. Then I realized I didn’t just want to look at them, I wanted to work on them. Now, I work on computers at youth with the IT director. I started when I took a look at the computers that needed work in the studio. I asked Anne: “What are those doing there?” She said that they needed to be fixed, so I asked, “Who fixes them?” And she told me Jonathan does. So I asked her if I could meet him and I did that next day. So far have learned what to do and what not to do with a computer’s hardware. I have a much greater interest in computers, and I will have a much greater interest in the future. I want people to know how good I am at working with computers, so that it can lead to much greater things: maybe a website about computers themselves. I would describe my art as building, because I like building things. I love to build/work on computers and other things that I can build. I hope to use the knowledge I have about computers to help me be a game designer, or a computer engineer, etc.

Jeramias Gonzalez Visuals